Quercus Faginea

rené becerril

I have been always captivated by old oak trees; their craggy bark and their winter silhouette are aspects that I find so special in this species. This together with the fact that my second surname “Robles” means oak in Spanish make this one of my favorite tree species.

I wrote a previous post were I show a picture of a 850 year old splendid oak. I think by looking at this picture you will now why this tree species captivate me so much.

image 850 year old oak by the town of Waldau in the Black Forest, Germany

After acquiring my first couple of bonsais, mostly pines, and after seeing a very famous oak bonsai from the Alcobendas Bonsai Museum of Madrid Collection, the wish to have an oak in my collection grew bigger.

In 2015 I started looking for a good quality specimen but it wasn´t until I went to the Noelanders Trophy…

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