Bonsai Noodle Soup

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I warned you.

Here it is.

The soup post. Well….with a few junipers thrown in, but there’s definitely soup. Chicken noodle soup to be precise.

First, let’s start with the tree.

A juniperus chinensis “something or other”. It’s not a parsonii, I’m pretty sure. The needles are a bit too wispy.

It’s been said that the foliage pads on this type of juniper will never get dense enough to be satisfying, and that’s entirely possible. But the deadwood and movement are awesome, so I won’t be throwing it on the burn pile just yet. I’ve had it really dense at one point and I’m sure I can get it there again. More sun I think. Or I’ll resort to grafting.

This post actually takes place over three days. Day one: clean and lime sulphur the deadwood. Remove the old wire…..

It’s cutting in there bad. And, as I unwire, clean…

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Beginner bonsai tree selection

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To say I’ve been thinking for a long time about what the best tree for a beginner is, is an understatement. Then, some recent comments on one of my posts prompted me into some research and, now, full of myself, I will boldly give you my “oh peen yon”. I hope I don’t annoy anyone. Actually, I don’t, but I probably will, so, sorry, dudes.
Here’s a rudimentary list.
1. Juniper
2. Elm
3. Ficus
4. Serissa tree
6. schefflera
7. Fukien tea
I did some surfing on the web and picked the most common.
So, there could be more (like podocarpus, but that’s an unusual one ) but we will stick with these I thinketh.
Let’s weed out some.
I don’t think many would object to removing the money tree (#5) from the list. It is common on websites selling beginner trees. But I would combine them (along…

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Studio photos from Bonsai Europa 2015

Bonsai & Yamadori from Tony Tickle

As there have been so many photos posted online of the trees in the exhibition many will have seen these trees, BUT studio photography is better, these show the trees in the best way possible. I would consider publishing a book but it would only be high quality and would need a large print run to make this viable… its possible if there is enough interest. Please share this post, do not download the images but link to this blog post. I reserve the moral right to these images. If you wish to have any images for publication, please contact me via the contact form or if you are the owner of any of the trees and I will send you a copy for your blog etc.

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This time, I will not fail! #bonsailife

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It’s a bush. A big, big bush.

It certainly has filled in.

I’m going to get Johnathan to defoliate it while I tell you a story.

Once upon a time, when hubris was a thing (not Greek hubris but more like Miltonian hubris) I thought I could rule the world. Then I was brought low. Not by anyone in particular, there wasn’t anyone with the power to do it. It was my own body which brought me down. Around this time last year I posted an article about this tree and I issued myself a challenge to get the tree green enough to photograph it by December 31st. Little did I know that I’d be in the hospital in less than a month. If you’re a regular reader, you are familiar with my health issues. It’s been a long fight but, as with this tree, I’m going to be successful…

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