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Bonsai Saturday

Bonsai Eejit

Yesterday I managed to fit in some bonsai here in LA. I had the opportunity to visit Huntington Gardens for a few hours and gallop around the Chinese and Japanese Gardens, and of course take in the bonsai display. Well worth a visit. I only wish I’d have had time to give the whole place a look over.

Next stop was Fuji Bonsai, Roy Nagatoshi’s nursery, cram-packed with trees and a great welcome from the guys and gals who were there for the Saturday morning workshop.

I then popped over to see Robert Pressler at Kimura Bonsai as he’d got in touch and kindly invited me to visit. I have loads of photos from all these places, but hotel wi-fi doesn’t want to play, so you’ll have to wait until I get back home, or a get better connection for the full run down.

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Appreciating Life Through Death


DSC_0857 Grim Reaper lurks through the bonsai garden.

Today is MondayMay 29th 2017. It is Memorial Day in America, a federal holiday to remember the men and women that died who served in the armed forces. It’s interesting that just minutes before I started writing this, that I just made that connection.Since today I’m not working, I usually have time to do other leisurely things such as blogging. I wanted to make this post today because I now have a little bit of time, however, I have been thinking about making this post for about a month now. Appropriately enough, it’s Memorial Day which makes this subject even morefitting. Many brave men and women died in service to protect what we enjoy (sometimes casually) livingin America in the form of freedom, security, and peace. I truly appreciate this and will not take it for granted.

As much as I would prefer…

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