Review: My Thoughts Exactly – Lily Allen

I’ve always been a huge fan of Lily Allen’s music and I love an autobiography, so when I heard that she was writing one I was very excited. My Thoughts Exactlyis an addictive read that doesn’t disappoint. I’ve always considered Allen to be a bit of a lyrical genius, but now she’s proved herself as a talented writer beyond the realm of music.

As much as I wanted to savour My Thoughts Exactly, I whizzed through it because it’s so engaging and moving. Allen reveals her darkest moments, fesses up to her failings and raises awareness about a whole bunch of important issues.

The book chronicles her life so far but not in a strictly chronological order. Always a controversial figure, the tabloid press has often had it in for Allen, so there are some events that you expect to read about, some that show just how wrong some…

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July and August with MHBS

Mohawk Hudson Bonsai Society

Young ChoeOn July 22nd, MHBS does accent plants with guest artist Young Choe. Great timing for our club show on August 25th and 26th. Be sure to sign up. Young will not be bringing any materials for her lesson so gather together containers and plants for the meeting.

On July 29, the club visits Martin Schmalenberg’s studio in New Jersey. If you haven’t signed up for the car caravan yet, do it quickly and plan on bringing a picnic lunch to share. Martin will have some trees for sale.

On August 25 and 26, MHBS will celebrate its 50th Anniversary with a club show at pfm bonsai in West Charlton (note the change of venue). All are welcome for displays, material, free advice and workshops, including a “create your own bonsai” workshop. Club members, start prepping your show trees.

And mark your calendar for the U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition, September 8 and…

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NEW June Club Events

Mohawk Hudson Bonsai Society

The planned June collecting trip has been postponed to a future date, so here’s a late entry for June.

On Sunday, June 24, at 12:00 noon, the Mohawk Hudson Bonsai Society will host a demonstration and lesson
on bonsai techniques to develop great bonsai. Pauline will demonstrate a number of techniques that will help you develop your trees over time, and one of the demo trees will be raffled. The demonstration and lesson will start after lunch and a brief meeting. Club members, please bring something to contribute for the lunch.

We’ll also hold a Club Garage Sale and Exchange—a great opportunity to obtain, swap or sell trees, pots, tools, whatever shows up. Bring your extra trees and pots for the club garage sale to sell and/or exchange . We’ll set up tables in the parking area for this and if you have things to bring you may come early to set up. Email…

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Summer and Fall Doings

Mohawk Hudson Bonsai Society

In the photo, MHBS members join fellow diners during the recent club trip to Japan and Asia. On the domestic front in July, MHBS will host guest artist Young Choe and a presentation on bonsai accents, and the club will visit Martin Schmalenberg’s Garden and Nursery. August 25th is a one-day MHBS club show at Proctors Theatre in Schenectady, open to all, and a great time to view bonsai and ask questions. In September many club members will head to the National Bonsai Exhibition in Rochester, highly recommended. And in October, we’ll create some bonsai rock plantings. 

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Heritage Day 2018 Exhibition Prepapation


It feels like I have been away for years but it’s been just 24 days to me that feels like a life time. It’s the longest that I have been away from my blog. I have been busy with a roadshow the past few weeks and have been working 16 – 18 hour shifts. So you can image that the few hours left in the day was spend sleeping. I lived on coffee and energy drinks during this period. I feel so bad. I have been eating clean and living healthy for almost a year now and then I need to eat and drink what ever I can get my hands on as you do not have a choice. I’m glad that’s over, now I can focus on what I love most, my trees.

Today I spent a few hours working on trees that I will be displaying as part…

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10 Forest Hotspots for Bird-watching

10 Forest Hotspots for Bird-watching

August 28th, 2017|Tags: recreation, wildlife|0 Comments

By Melanie Friedel,American Forests

Bird-watching can be an exciting way to explore the outdoors, or simply a relaxing activity while escaping into nature. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find exciting birds in your backyard, but fear not — this list of the top forest spots to go birding will help you score some amazing finds!

Chiricahua Mountains, Coronado National Forest, Arizona

Credit: Alan Shmierer

Don’t be deceived by the miles of seemingly barren lands. These mountains rise up from the Arizona desert, providing a cool and wet climate perfect for a rare tropical bird: the elegant trogon. This metallic green and bright-red bird is the only trogon found regularly in North American forests. Thankfully, Coronado National Forest offers 13 trails, so pick one, grab your binoculars and get searching!

Sequoia &…

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Raptors in Autumn

Jet Eliot

Barred Owl, Texas

Every fall thousands and thousands of raptors in North America migrate south for the winter as their food supplies begin to wane. Here are some basic facts about raptors and where to find them as we enter into the northern hemisphere’s autumn.

Also known as birds of prey, raptors include many different species. Some more commonly known raptors are: eagles, ospreys, kites, hawks, vultures, falcons, and owls.

Osprey in Mangroves

Not all raptors migrate. It depends on how cold the winters get, if there is enough available prey. We are fortunate in Northern California to see many raptor species in all seasons.

Other parts of the country, however, have consistently cold winter weather and, consequently, raptor migration every autumn.

Snail Kite

Although raptor migration lasts roughly between August and November, late September is the prime time for watching these grand birds.

Bald Eagle, California. This raptor almost…

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