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Building Structure

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

There might be a tree here.Underneath the leaves, somewhere.Maybe.But I do believe it’s time for the scissor.Let’s see what’s underneath.

Ah, I see a trunk.We might have a bonsai here, instead of a bush. Not that a bush is bad…..

There are even some branches.Yup. Uh huh.Movement too.

Sometimes I feel like a sculptor with a hammer and chisel, chopping out the superfluous. Like here. Three branches from one spot.That’s the easy first step, cut out one.I love these challenges. I’m going to do the work as I usually do it, branch by branch.

First, I get rid of these….….singularly, they’re called “syconium”, more than one are called “synconia”. Latin is weird sometimes. I was called out once about the plurality or singularity of the word. Bonsai people are funny.

This tree is a ficus microcarpa “green island”. A ficus…

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