Winter Bonsai Blues

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Looks like I have some weeding to do. Being that it’s winter, there’s not much else to do, though. I’m bored. Well…..I might can do a little….. like remove the old leaves on some deciduous trees or summat. I could also work on junipers but, meh. Not feelin’ like junipers today. The tree above is a cedar elm (ulmus crassifolia) from Texas (how many people see the word Texas and, because of the motto “things are bigger in Texas”, think of big things, and therefore pronounce it Tex-ass and think of big butts?)

It was collected several years ago by Erik Wigert, I’ve written about this tree before (the first post is Hereand the follow up isHere). Today I’m just going to show you how to pluck the old leaves and give you an idea about how a deciduous tree works (and the difficulty of growing them…

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Finally, the trees of the Winter Silhouette Bonsai Expo-2015

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

Sorry it’s been so long between posts but I’ve had a busy life, a Holiday parties, an all day, multiple event demo/carving/private session, and a second private session since, trees to water, kids to pick up from school etc, etc, etc. Plus I need to sleep and all.

Anyway, it’s also taken me a while to edit all the pics (all the pics!). As I might have mentioned in the last post, the lighting was a challenge at the venue (the beautiful UNC Nutrition Research Intitute). My poor iPhone 5s and its camera were going crazy trying to focus.

A note: I think I got all the trees but I am probably wrong about that. So I apologize if I did miss your tree, and, consequentially, if the pic is not the best. If you see that I missed your tree(s) or it is a bad pic, send…

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II Congrès de la Nippon Bonsai Sakka Kyookai Europe- España, tot un èxit

Associació d'Amics del Bonsai d'Alcanar

Després d’haver donat per finalitzat el II Congrés de l’associació Nippon Bonsai Sakka Kyookai Europe- España de la qual forma part la nostra associació, podem dir que estem molt satisfets amb els resultats.

S’ha vist una clara evolució en la mostra, respecte el primer congrès, que va tenir lloc fa dos anys i això ens anima a continuar treballant per aconseguir arbres cada cop millors i una mostra amb cada cop més nivell.

Enguany, el mestre invitat, ha estat l’italià  Nicola Crivelli, el qual ha estat molt instructiu en els tallers i demostracions i ens ha ensenyat com treballar pins i sabines per tal que siguin el més naturals possibles tot tenint en compte les seves característiques inicials.

El congrés va tenir lloc en un indret idílic, que va ajudar a donar un aire de tranquil·litat a l’exposició i ajudava molt l’espectador a l’hora d’endinsar-se en les diferents composicions creades…

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