Rambling on

Hi again.

Haven’t been here for awhile. Not that I have forgotten about blogging but just havent been out birding for awhile. Just wanna let you know the bird feeder is still up but its been so windy the birds have been blown of their perches a couple of times. Newest additions have been a pair of House sparrow juveniles. They come with the adults and are fed from feeder directly into the mouth of the juvenile, no more adults fetching the food. See the White-rumped Swifts are out in force over the swampy reed patch this morning too. Other notables of the morning have been the Hadeda’s, Pied Crows, Rock Pigeons and now even a Cape weaver too. No sign of the waxbills at the feeder tho they flitting about over the reed beds, and here comes the sparrow family again. And one waxbill made an appearance too.

Enjoy your birding in the New Year.

No New Update

Quiet on the birding front.

Everything has been a bit quiet at my feeder due the high winds we’ve been having in Cape Town. This afternoon the wind has not been too bad so I refilled the feeder and no sooner I left the first Cape Sparrows came looking to fill up, both Mr and Mrs Sparrrow and then off they went to be replaced by firstly a Common Starling and then a House Sparrow. Next was a family of four Laughing Doves, a single Rock Pigeon and then a pair of Southern Masked weavers with a juvenile in tow. The female would go fill her crop with seed and then go feed the chick who would vigorously flap its wings. Then the female would hop over the feeder again and fill herself with seeds and then feed the juvenile. I saw this family at least four to five times during the afternoon. The last lot to feed this afternoon was this family of five Common Waxbills.