Kirstenbosch Birding

Yesterday 27 June 2012, my wife and I went to Kirstenbosch Gardens for a quick lunch and birding trip. In the hour and a half had some nice birding with a pair of Swee-Waxbill a lot of Southern Double-collared Sunbirds. Also saw some Cape Spurfowl. And photographed an adult hadeda with a red ring ‘IP’ and a silver ring. Seems this bird was ringed somewhere … Continue reading Kirstenbosch Birding

Nest Data Wanted – Get involved in Nercs.

Do you enjoy finding and monitoring bird nests? Or do you have endless notes from nests you have found in the past but never knew what to do with them? If so this is a reminder to all birders that nest and breeding data can be submitted to the Nest Record Card Scheme(NERCS). NERCS was started by the then South African Ornithology Society more than … Continue reading Nest Data Wanted – Get involved in Nercs.