Gyoten Satsuki

Bonsai Eejit

New addition to the benches, a rather funky Satsuki Azalea variety Gyoten. Large pink frilly flowers of different shades of pink and some stripes here and there.

The tree came in from Japan this year from Akiyama San with the help of Peter Warren.

Needs a pot which will be tricky to source I think.

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Two Eejits Chatting

Bonsai Eejit

I think I should probably share this here. I’ve been poor at blogging of late, Instagram has sucked me in for ease of use and I have neglected my oldest child as a result. I must do better.

Anyway here is a link to last nights live stream with Peter Warren where we take a walk around my garden on a freak windy day and then shoot the breeze over a beer. We even talk about my lack of blogging. Gripping stuff

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Adam Lavigne on Instagram: “This is a pic for a reader of the blog, Vic. He wanted to know what the canopy of this willow leaf ficus should look like when it fills in,…”

June 29th- a rather grim day for swifts

Jonathan Pomroy

A grim day for swifts! Our breeding pair hardly went out of the nest box in the morning. They covered as best they could their two large chicks. When they did go out they fed very low at head height over vegetation.

There were impressive accounts of birds moving on the east coast today, this time from Gibraltar Point in Lincolnshire where more tha 45000 birds were recorded going south. Further to this there were big movements recorded at a watchpoint in the Netherlands. Could this be the missing link? I have always thought that with cooler weather non breeding swifts from well inland in the UK move east to the east coast on a broad front, generally unnoticed. But they become concentrated when they hit the coast which is a south bound highway to warmer weather- ultimately the continent. Probably over East Anglia they head out to sea and…

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