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A Rhapsody of Whimbrel

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Around the globe, the seven-note whistle of the Whimbrel is a spring theme tune for shorebird migration. Where are flocks going to, as they gain height and head north in March, April and May, and why have birds chosen that particular moment to depart? In a paper in Frontiers in Ecology & Evolution, Camilo Carneiro, Tómas Gunnarsson and José Alves analyse… Continue reading A Rhapsody of Whimbrel

Plovers from the north

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Despite its global distribution, the Grey Plover (or Black-bellied Plover in the Americas) does not get the attention it deserves, according to Andrew Darby, author of Flight Lines, a book about shorebird migration and Grey Plovers in particular. Who would want to study a shorebird that is the first species to sneak away from its tundra nest when danger threatens, and… Continue reading Plovers from the north