Let there be Light – Bonsai light requirements.

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Photosyntheses — the process through which plants use energy from the sun, water from the soil and carbon dioxide from the air, to produce food for itself and then also oxygen. From this, we see that it is really important to get the light requirements of your Bonsai trees right. Phototropism – the phenomenon where plants grow towards light. This is… Continue reading Let there be Light – Bonsai light requirements.

Boxwood Revisited and Refined

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Last year I posted an article on boxwood care and ramification. It is time to revisit that tree and see how it developed. The tree has grown steadily and untouched since last summer. This was to allow for branch thickening and new buds to be created on the interior of the tree. That results is exactly what was achieved. Considerable branch… Continue reading Boxwood Revisited and Refined

Summer Tropical Work Begins

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I have official begun working on my tropical trees in the collection. Several will be re-potted this weekend. All of these trees have been allowed their Spring blowout and now it is time to shape and refine. Ficus benjamina was re-potted last year and has settled in well. These species is difficult to grow because it so sensitive to light and… Continue reading Summer Tropical Work Begins

Feathers – Day 13 (Lucky for some?)

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? It seems I am not much in favour after yesterday’s enigmatic birds!  I apologise, and am prepared to accept any Skua or Jaeger for my Brown Skua, as they are so similar with no diagnostic features on the wings.  Hopefully today will prove to be a bit easier! For the record, Coerie continues to dominate, with only three… Continue reading Feathers – Day 13 (Lucky for some?)

Feathers – Background Information

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? In case any of you are wondering where the photographs used in this series are coming from, they are all my own.  I tried to choose images that will challenge the viewer.  Obviously they need to be sufficiently defined to see the actual feather detail, so I have avoided using anything that is likely to blur too much… Continue reading Feathers – Background Information