Glacier/Alpine Lakes Loop

Losing Track of Time The Glacier/Alpine Lakes Loop is a day hike located within the Great Basin National Park and combines 3 different trails. These trails include the Bristlecone Pine Trail, Glacier Trail and the Alpine Lakes Trail. The hike is rated as moderate and is approximately 6 miles in length with an elevation gain of 1059 feet. My route began from the Wheeler Peak … Continue reading Glacier/Alpine Lakes Loop

March 2020

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I was all set to order stock for the Featherfest 2020 Book Booth but alas, the event is cancelled. Bookstore where I have worked for 19 years has temporarily closed in solidarity with the national impetus to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus. We closed prior to the county order to do so. I’ve been tracking confirmed cases in Texas… Continue reading March 2020

June 2020 and Sayonara

Originally posted on Chirp:
Yellow-crowned Night Heron Here There Be Dragons Inca Dove As my birding activities wane for the summer and I find myself moved away from Galveston I am hereby sealing this site to future updates and designating it as an archive. I’ll be posting new bird photos to my other website which was previously focused on poetry and writing. So I’m consolidating… Continue reading June 2020 and Sayonara

Bonsai Art – What does Banksy have to say?

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“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.” A Banksy Art piece. The quote above is attributed to Banksy and it sits quite comfortably with me. How can this be applied to Bonsai as an Art? My own personal experience is that an hour’s work on a Bonsai tree is equal to the same amount of time meditating. One can… Continue reading Bonsai Art – What does Banksy have to say?