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Among the indigenous trees in bloom at the moment is the Vachellia karroo (I will always think of it as Acacia karroo!), commonly called Sweet thorn, which grows almost everywhere in South Africa as well as in the rest of Africa. It is interesting to note that the common name is derived from the edible gum which is exuded… Continue reading VACHELLIA KARROO II


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I wish I could convey to you the wonderfully sweet fragrance emanating from the Yesterday-Today-and-Tomorrow shrubs growing in my garden – especially now as the day cools down towards evening after a day peaking at 30°C. Their fragrance seems so much better after a hot day. In Afrikaans it is known as Verbleikblom (bleaching flower) and you might know… Continue reading YESTERDAY-TODAY-AND-TOMORROW

Curlew nest survival

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The Eurasian Curlew is designated as ‘Near-Threatened’ by IUCN/BirdLife. It is Red-listed in the UK,  largely due to a rapid decline in breeding numbers. In this context, the fact that there are a few pink squares (indicating increased numbers) on the map showing breeding abundance change between 1988-91 and 2008-11 looks encouraging. Why are Curlew doing relatively well in some areas… Continue reading Curlew nest survival


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December is a hot month that flies past in the build-up towards Christmas and taming the garden after receiving some welcome rain. Cattle egrets flying low over the trees were the first birds to greet the month – making their way to the various members of the Urban Herd that regularly graze near our home. Speckled Mousebirds also fly… Continue reading DECEMBER 2022 GARDEN BIRDS