Some New Pot Options for an Airlayered Hawthorn

Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai

I have a small hawthorn, which was airlayered from the old roots 2 seasons ago. It has been in a training pot since it was separated and is now ready to be planted into its’ first ceramic shohin pot.

This is the tree,


And here are the pots I am considering at the moment. The first is by Eimei at the Yozan kiln. It has an unusual greenish glaze colour that could work well with a hawthorn.


the next one is a painted pot by Mizuno Shikao at the Tosui kiln. Both pots are about 7 inches (17cm) wide and will be suitable for further root development.


The tree will be transplanted in a few weeks time, when the weather warms up. I may even have a few more options after my trip to the Noelander’s Trophy next weekend

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First styling of a Hinoki

Scratch Bonsai

Bought this mame Hinoki Cypress (Chaemycyparis Obtusa) a couple pf years ago from a friend who had it upright in a drum pot.  I left it initially and then repotted at a new angle to become a future cascade.  I’ve left it alone for the past 2 years.  Finally I’ve wired the primary branches.  Seems to be a fragile wee thing and can lose leaves/branches easily.  Primary aim is to grow an apex from the branch that I’ve twisted upward behind the trunk.

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Swelling Buds

Scratch Bonsai

Signs of life around the garden the other morning.  I’ve started to walk round and inspect things a bit more often, expecting to see buds starting to swell on some plant/tree species.  I’m looking forward to some flowers within the next few weeks:

dsc_0499 European Hornbeam (Carpinus Betulus)

dsc_0500 Flowering Peach (Prunus Persica)

dsc_0501 Japanese Apricot (Prunus Mume)

dsc_0502 Damson Tree (Prunus Insititia)

dsc_0503 Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum)

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Berberis First Wiring

Bonsai Eejit

This berberis was ready for it’s first wiring. I wanted to give it a first wiring last year but it budded out before I got near it.


I wanted to make a few further decisions about trunk selection and get the basic branch structure going in the right direction. A very brittle tree to work with and covered in tiny thin thorns, painful. This was the result. Early days with this being it’s first sighting of wire but great potential going forward.


For earlier posts on this tree see: Just acquired  and Berberis Clump Repot

Seen here in 2014

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Another Larch and a Potentilla Re-wired Today

Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai

This Larch, collected in 2012,  was styled and put into its current pot in March 2014. Unfortunately I never took a before picture of this one when I acquired it but the collected material needed very little effort to get it to look like it does now. It will be re-potted this year as soon as the weather will allow.

This is how it looked without wire at the start of the day


And this is how it looks at the moment


It has quite a nice nebari that is hidden by the soil at the moment. That will be sorted when it is re-potted into this Walsall Ceramics oval, in the next few weeks


This next one, a potentilla fruticosa, was dug from a friends garden about 2-3 years ago

This is how it looked shortly after I acquired it.


And this is how it looks at the moment with the…

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The Marvel of Bird Migration

Wildlife and Words

It may still feel like summer, and look like summer, but with the advent of September it is now officially autumn and we can look forward to the usual sights and smells of turning leaves and misty mornings. But for birds it has been ‘autumn’ since at least July; as those that were quick to breed (such as Swifts and Cuckoos) have no reason to stay and those that, alas, failed to breed this year head back to their wintering grounds in the south. Waders from the far north are usually the first to head back south – sometimes as early as late June, livening up the birding scene in the UK as they pit-stop along the way.

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