Kerang Lakes, Victoria, Australia

BirdLife eThekwini KZN Report by Sally and Paul Bartho 28 December 2016 Sally and I are based in Bendigo with family. We decided to have a day away and go birding in the surrounding area. Tim Dolby’s book “Where to see birds in Victoria” suggested we take a look at the Kerang Lakes – just over an hour’s drive north of Bendigo. Kerang Lakes in relation to … Continue reading Kerang Lakes, Victoria, Australia

Master, Apprentice, Enthusiast – Bonsai Education.

Originally posted on Bonsaiplace:
It is generally accepted and published on various websites that an apprenticeship can take between 2,000 and 12,000 hours to complete. The same websites mention that it will take between two and four years to complete an apprenticeship. It is also common knowledge that Bonsai cultivation apprenticeships can take many more years to complete than an apprenticeship for an electrician or… Continue reading Master, Apprentice, Enthusiast – Bonsai Education.

Bonsai in Taiwan: Trees + Art (Part 2)

My second bout of bonsai sightseeing in Taiwan was at Wan Jing Yi Yuan garden. Prior to visiting the garden I had seen my great aunt who as a hobby does calligraphy and painting. Below is some of her work: Wisteria vines and caligraphy Beautiful landscape Her teacher apparently is a very talented and skilled having received recognition and awards for his work. Below is a reverse… Continue reading Bonsai in Taiwan: Trees + Art (Part 2)

2 Life Lessons Learned from Bonsai to Help you this Year

BONSAIKO Today is the January 1st 2016.  Happy New Year!  I wanted to make at least an entry to my blog to mark the beginning of a fresh new year.  It’s traditional that most people make new a year’s resolutions and set goals to improve themselves for the new year.  Congratulations for those who have done that and best of luck to your future commitments.   … Continue reading 2 Life Lessons Learned from Bonsai to Help you this Year