Field Maple Thoughts

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Thinking a bit ahead for what I want to achieve with bonsai material this year, I’ve decided that when the time is right, I’ll have a go at air layering a couple of cut back branches on this field maple growing in my hedge. I’ve identified these two which are low down with good movement and I really like the… Continue reading Field Maple Thoughts

First outing for the year – Umhlanga 

Originally posted on Gone Birding:
My first birding outing for 2017 started off very quietly as we walked through the forest of the Umhlanga Nature Reserve.? On our last visit there we had seen Tambourine Dove and Black-throated Wattle-eye all within 10 minutes of being in the reserve. This time, nothing, but some nest building Yellow Weavers and a Tawny-flanked Prinia as we crossed over… Continue reading First outing for the year – Umhlanga 

Air Layering a Chinese Elm Mallsai into Two Shohin Bonsai

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The Chinese elm shohin in this display was air-layered from a mallsai. This post shows the progression of the transformation. Mallsai is a term coined in the US; it refers to mass produced bonsai sold in big-box stores, roadsides, gift shops and nurseries. The word often carries a connotation of a poor quality tree planted in a shallow… Continue reading Air Layering a Chinese Elm Mallsai into Two Shohin Bonsai

I call her “Tortilla”, the bonsai-in-training

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My new favorite baby, “Tortilla” is an Euryops. She’s a bonsai-in-training now. I got her in a 2 gallon pot at the nursery and now here she is: “Tortilla” the Euryop Bonsai tree-in-training I heavily trimmed her, but didn’t hard prune her. I liked her original height for the most part and wanted to leave her canopy of leaves growing. Plus,… Continue reading I call her “Tortilla”, the bonsai-in-training