Washington Hawthorne

Last year I picked up an unmarked tree from my local bonsai nursery. It was very cheap and potted in a 4 inch square. The root spread was interesting and it had a great display of fall colors, something not so common in Southern California. All things considered I decided it would be a fun tree to pick up. Fall colors, nice smooth grey bark… Continue reading Washington Hawthorne

Deadwood Inspiration

Originally posted on Scratch Bonsai:
Shots taken at Castlewellan Forest Park in County Down: Two things about this part of the tree stood out for me that I understand are very desirable when reproducing deadwood on bonsai trees: The branch has broken along the grain, leaving very defined lines and whorls and secondly, the irregular and very natural looking point of departure from the trunk… Continue reading Deadwood Inspiration

Bonsai Facebook Pages

I thought I might post some interesting Bonsai related Facebook pages for our members to have a look at and maybe help to spread the good work done by other Bonsai Clubs in the UK. First one is the page of the Wessex Bonsai Society. https://www.facebook.com/WessexBonsaiSociety/ A small club like our own, trying to raise their profile and hoping to attract new members. Please have… Continue reading Bonsai Facebook Pages


Originally posted on Axarquia Garden Club:
Cindy opened the meeting by welcoming two new members to our club;  Linda Dryburgh and Jessamy Bowyer. It had been suggested by a member that we should wear name badges as although Cindy knows everyone’s name, not everybody else does!!!   Mave is currently making them, so please see her to collect yours and wear to each meeting. Gill  J.,… Continue reading AGC JANUARY 2017 BONSAI REPORT