Bonsai Extravaganza


Saturday morning saw about 20 members of Northern Ireland Bonsai enjoy a bonsai extravaganza in one of our members’ garden. As part of a fund raising exercise for the upcoming Bonsai 30 show later this year we visited Josh’s garden to see some stunning trees.

Josh has been doing Bonsai for some 30 years and is completely self taught. His collection of local beech trees is amazing. Most if not all of his trees have been raised and trained in the ground and even when they eventually get into a pot there is no guarantee that they will stay there. He often puts them back into the ground, with careful supervision,for a year or two to help them regain lost vigour.

He generally doesn’t deal with small trees. The average size is over 2 ft and his largest speak for themselves as the pics show.

This was a super spectacle…

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