Three new additions

Michael Coopers Studio

Finished last year off with a new tree when Susan gave me a lovely sturdy Crab Apple for my birthday in December. I have had a so called Crab Apple for over thirty years and the rotten little thing has never flowered at all so all my hopes are now pinned on this new addition to the collection.

new-crab-2-dec16And what is worrying me now is that it seems to be belting ahead, the buds are getting bigger and bigger and certainly some seem to be flower buds so that is good but it is only January. Wiser bonsai heads than mine have told me not to worry and that they are sturdy crab-budding-jan-3rd-17trees and it will be OK, in fact not to take it in under shelter as that will only encourage it to get further ahead too early, just keep it under some partial cover and fleece on any hard…

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January 2017 Meeting


_20170111_225630 A busy workshop evening- I wonder what Sara is up to with that nice little tree of hers?

The first meeting of the year was a hive of activity as members worked on their trees with the advice of some of the ‘old hands.’  Club President John, Ade  and Roger were there ready to lend assistance and words of bonsai wisdom to us less experienced members. Books are good, videos are a help but there is nothing like someone standing by ones shoulder telling you exactly what to do, why you should do it and what a difference it might make to ones tree in the future.

John had some time to spend on one of his own trees as well whilst Ade settled down to _20170111_225411judging the Tree of the Month entries, of which there were very few at this meeting sadly


Brian set about a young sapling Beech as…

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Larch Winter Image

Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai

I will be taking this Larch along to the 4th Ayr Winter Image Show tomorrow. This is the first event of the year in the Scottish Bonsai calendar. It’s in a new venue this year, the Savoy Park Hotel, Racecourse Road, Ayr and the doors open at 11.00 am. If you like bonsai and live nearby this is one not to be missed.


I will be taking lots of pictures and they will appear on the blog sometime on Monday.

Here are a few pictures from last years show


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Iwasaki Japanese White Pine

Bonsai Eejit

I posted on this last week but I wanted to revisit the tree here and get all the photos in one place. As stated, this tree was part of the Iwasaki Collection in Japan. I have pinched Peter’s text from his Facebook page explaining a little about how he came to have the trees.

Last May I took a very short trip to Japan as I was invited by Mr. Morimae of S-Cube Bonsai to have a sneak preview of the sale of the Iwasaki Collection.
As you may or may not be aware, Mr. Iwasaki was one of the premier collectors of bonsai in Japan over the last fifty years and he amassed a huge collection. He passed away several years ago and after lots of issues were resolved the collection was put up for sale and it was purchased by S-Cube

Due to my long standing relationship…

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The Scissor and the Wire

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

Here’s an interesting ficus.I got it from my oldest son’s 7th grade teacher, Mr. Myers. That was a few years ago and it’s finally ready.It’s taken a little while to get it to grow. He had nearly killed it and that’s why he gave it to me, to revive it.I did some serious branch work on it, you can tell by the, almost, healed scars on the main branches.

It’s an interesting shape, very low and squat.With really quick taper.

The first branch does break one of my “rules” though.The first bend goes back instead of forward. But that’s because, as you see by that half healed scar, the “forward” part of it died back.But there is a reality that over turns rules, “one must do what one can with shohin trees”. Meaning, there’s so little space on a small tree sometimes you have…

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Scots pine #3

bonsai balcony brno

I wired quite a few trees recently but I didn’t manage to post them here. I will quickly change that…

I bought this tree from Pavel Slovak in September and we discussed some ideas as to how it could be shaped and also how to address some of the issues it had.


This is a true Scots pine (pinus sylvestris) from the high Alps. Many of the Scots that grow around the lower elevations have mixed somewhat and also have softer needles whereas the original Scots from the mountains have pointier needles and have slightly different bark as well. This was a front we thought could work well but the upper straight section needed to be addressed.


After thinning out the foliage to this year’s growth and slightly bending the straight section. After a month or more later I bent this even further and as far as I dared before…

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