Die Oog today 13 August 2012

Went to Die Oog today first time in about a month. The water has risen so much in the last month. It’s at least a foot and a half up on the overflow wall. The water diameter is right up against the new retaining walls and on the north right up against the fence around the reserve. Another interesting fact is that all the old weaver nests have been stripped and about twelve to fifteen new weaver nests are built or in the processs of being built. the weavers are actively showing off their nests.

Another thing I noticed is a Hadeda nest wich is being used at the moment.

Latest birding escapades

New Bird Sightings

Have not been out much to do birding lately due to the weather and other commitments. Last weekend I did not get out to Die Oog as I had planned and neither this weekend as the weather has not been good. Last weekend I went to HoutBay for another commitment and had Lunch at Fish on the Rocks. Here I took a couple of pics of the gulls around the harbour. What I noticed is that a couple of the Hartlaub Gulls had a few light brown blotches on their wings. Were these intermediate juveniles or why do they have these brown blotches?? Also got pics of adult and juvenile Kelp Gulls and noticed a few Common Terns flying in from the direction of Seal Island.

Yesterday afrtenoon I saw a Black Headed Heron on the verge of the M3 near Die Oog and Dreyers Farm Dam. Havent seen one in the area for at least a year. Also saw a Hadeda Ibis with a Red ring this afternoon. Again I didn’t have my camera with me to take a pic to get the code. So in the last two months I have now seen 3 ringed Hadeda in the Bergvliet area and Penni reported a ringed Hadeda from Constatia.