Latest birding escapades

New Bird Sightings

Have not been out much to do birding lately due to the weather and other commitments. Last weekend I did not get out to Die Oog as I had planned and neither this weekend as the weather has not been good. Last weekend I went to HoutBay for another commitment and had Lunch at Fish on the Rocks. Here I took a couple of pics of the gulls around the harbour. What I noticed is that a couple of the Hartlaub Gulls had a few light brown blotches on their wings. Were these intermediate juveniles or why do they have these brown blotches?? Also got pics of adult and juvenile Kelp Gulls and noticed a few Common Terns flying in from the direction of Seal Island.

Yesterday afrtenoon I saw a Black Headed Heron on the verge of the M3 near Die Oog and Dreyers Farm Dam. Havent seen one in the area for at least a year. Also saw a Hadeda Ibis with a Red ring this afternoon. Again I didn’t have my camera with me to take a pic to get the code. So in the last two months I have now seen 3 ringed Hadeda in the Bergvliet area and Penni reported a ringed Hadeda from Constatia.

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