New additions to my Garden List

Latest Addition. The latest addition to my Garden List was a pair of White rumped Swifts flying over the southern portion of the wetland area. Other exciting sightings was a group of about 20 to 30 Lesser Flamingo’s in the Zandvlei dam. Also had quite a couple Terns flying over. Need to take my binoc’s and do a good study of the terns to determine … Continue reading New additions to my Garden List

Latest Observations

Today new observations. On ariving home from work today I went to observe my birdy friends. The female Cape Weavers are really going wild carrying food to their nests making it a definate that there are going to be plenty of Weaver juveniles this summer. This wetland behind our complex is positively teeming with birdlife, and I am sure they really appreciate the plentyful supply … Continue reading Latest Observations

A question of dominance.

Seems like Bird-feeder was a Hit. I notice that the bird-feeder I have installed has become a hit with a miriade of birds. Today I see the birds are jostling for dominance. From the Large Rock Pigeons with their red eyes and white specled sides to the medium Cape Turtle doves and smaller Laughing doves. Next are the European or Common Starlings and Red-winged Starlings. … Continue reading A question of dominance.

Great Birding at my New Premises.

Great birding at my New House. Have attempted before but unsuccesfully tried to blog the delightful new premises I now occupy overlooks a mini wetland. Have resident breeding Southern Masked Weavers. In the two weeks I have been here I noticed two new nests going up so there are now four neatly woven nest about 20 meters from my lounge window. Last weekend I went … Continue reading Great Birding at my New Premises.

Mega Birding: Black Skimmer

A BlackSkimmer was found at Rietvlei Nature Reserve in Table View, Cape Town on thursday 4October2012. The first time this species has been seen in South Africa. It is supposedly a North American nominate, white tail and largely white underparts. the only other Sighting was in Namibia. Latest News has it that the bird vanished on the Friday evening and was never seen again. Another … Continue reading Mega Birding: Black Skimmer