African Finfoot


Podica senegalensis (African finfoot) 

Watertrapper [Afrikaans]; Watertrapper [Dutch]; Grébifoulque d’Afrique [French]; Afrikanische binsenralle [German]; Pés-de-barbatanas [Portuguese]

There are moments in live that you do not know who to share it with!  This happened on Wednesday morning while I had a few minutes before a meeting.  I pulled in at Impenjati Reserve and was looking for the Half-collared Kingfisher, but it was quite on the banks of the lagoon with some “fish” activity.  I went a bit down the bank to take a photo of the scenery, when I heard what sound like another fish breaking the surface of the water.  I noticed that it was not a fish, but a bird and tried to take a couple of photos of the action which unfolded in front of my eyes. I notice that it look similar to a cormorant, but new that none of the species had a white stripe…

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