Taking a stand 

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The 2016 Bonsai Societies of Florida annual convention is coming up (go herefor details, there’s still some room in the workshops) and I, again, have a tree in the dog and pony sho…aaa, the exhibit this year so it is, again, time to prepare a display…… You know, in Japan, they have specialists that put together displays for the shows. It’s a totally separate (but related) discipline and there are few bonsai artists really qualified to assemble and judge a display. Kunio Kobyashi and his student Peter Warren are two that come to mind. I need one of those types of experts.

Myself, I like trees. If we could display them alone with a black background and on a plain white stand, I’d not mind that at all. But….we must follow the conventions and mores of the societies we inhabit, you know, please and thank you’s, wear clothes…

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Inspiration – where to get it from.


It is said that a creative spirit needs inspiration. As Bonsai design is a creative activity, it is IMG_0265therefore important to be in touch with the sources of our inspiration. I have recently returned from a conference relating to Education where I was exposed to a variety of speakers. I was very aware that during and immediately after the conference, I was definitely more motivated to work on certain things in my main job. This came from listening to these powerful speakers and becoming aware of the latest trends in my vocation. This is the same for my Bonsai activities.

IMG_0269Exposure to other Bonsai people will lead to higher levels of inspiration and motivation. I live in an area in New Zealand where there are not that many other Bonsai enthusiasts and you sometimes do feel isolated. To overcome this, I have to make an effort to meet up with…

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Four Black Storks and a Martial Eagle

Hermanus Bird Club

By Margie Ogston

The HBC trip to Botterkloof during April was most enjoyable, with the group of 19 members compiling a list of 126 species. Barbara Palmer organised and led the outing and was ably assisted by various senior birders.

IMG_1650 Birding near Stilbaai. Image by Ronnie Hazell.

Having met mid-morning we enjoyed a walk through the riverine area to the lagoon, adding various species to our lists, including hearing the Knysna Warbler.

The trip to the Sewage Works of Stilbaai is always productive and we enjoyed seeing the juvenile Great Crested Grebes and many Water Thick-knees. We watched in amazement as a Pied Kingfisher silenced her ‘catch of the day’ with a determined slapping action.

Tuesday promised to be the highlight of the trip, and Voëlvlei lived up to its reputation. We left in five cars at 08:00, and through thick mist slowly made our way through the fynbos and agricultural…

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