Saturday Blues

Hi all Another Saturday, another morning coffee in the morning, and another sighting of my butcher bird friend. Only he is not showing butcherbird tendencies any more. Has my bird-feeder domesticated this Fiscal so much that he is becoming a seed eater rather than a scavenger, a vegetarian Fiscal if you will. Food for thought. Continue reading Saturday Blues

Saturday Morning Musings

Hi Bloggers, Sitting here enjoying an early cuppa coffee and staring out the Lounge window. Enjoying the early morning birdlife going about their business. Have the usual Turtle doves, European/Common starlings and Rock Pigeons around my Birdfeeder and Birdbath. One interesting addition was a very nervous skulking Cape Robin-Chat. Probably only came for some water but I made a sudden move and he took off. … Continue reading Saturday Morning Musings