My Bonsai Year of 2016 in Pictures

Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai

Here we are again at the end of another  year and its time for me to review my bonsai journey over the past 12 months by means of a selection of my favourite photographs taken throughout the year.

The Ayr Winter Image Show in early January is the first gathering of the season for the Scottish bonsai community. Last year I took my Juniper Squamata along.


In February, I took the opportunity to photograph all of my best shohin trees in groups of deciduous and evergreen. Incidentally, the deciduous group received more Facebook likes than any photograph I’ve posted before or since.


At Last the Spring returned, my favourite time of the year. I have chosen the next picture to illustrate this, even though I normally cringe, when I see a picture of myself. This one isn’t too bad and it shows me doing what I love most in the place I…

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Cascade Japanese Black Pine

Bonsai Eejit

I finally got around to doing a little work on my new Shohin Japanese Black Pine. I picked this one up whilst on holiday in Tenerife back in October. A visit to Bonsai Centro Tenerife and a chat with Jose Acuna did the job.

This is it as purchased.


and after a little work.


A slightly different angle.


As a large shohin I like the fact that it has possibilities for reversing it in a box stand to fit different displays. Here’s the back.


and the other sides just for giggles.


Jose gave me a few earlier photos of it which I’ll share here too to keeps my records all in one place.



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First styling of a shohin Scots Pine

Scratch Bonsai

Finally, a first styling for this pine that was collected as a very young seedling over five years ago.  The gnarly, exposed roots are definitely its most distinctive feature and will be shown off in the final semi cascade image.  I can’t take credit for the styling, it was done before Christmas by a friend who has been helping me catch up with bonsai tasks missed during the year.

Immediate future plans:

  1. Root prune and repot into a smaller ceramic container next year.
  2. Bleach deadwood.
  3. Keep new growth very short to promote back budding.

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