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Is it spring yet?


Been a month since the last post, so this one will probably ramble on a bit.

Not that there’s all that much to say, but I do ramble…a bit.

Anyway, the most immediate major project is done. My pond is basically just a big rectangular tub, and for various reasons I have it as a raised pond rather than in the ground. Last year I noticed the weight of the water was causing the sides of the tub to bulge, so I decided to make a case (essentially a huge bottomless crate) for it. This would support the sides, provide some insulation from temperature fluctuations in summer and cold in winter, and hopefully extend the lifespan of it in general. I guess the wooden box looks a little nicer than black plastic, but that sort of thing doesn’t bother me much. However, I was really pleased with how it went…

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5 Ways Growing Plants can help you Bloom!

The Tiniest Warrior

Happy Memorial Day! My dad was in the navy –  Sending thanks to all who served.

It was also world Bonsai day this past week & I wanted to write a post about that, and also a bit about what we have been up to in the garden. Antonio and I have been building our garden up for the last year and a half not only with vegetables but also with Bonsai plants. We really enjoy the peace that growing things bring. He’s into the little plants (Bonsai), and I’m into food. How fitting for our personalities 😉

We had a busy week, attending a wedding (Congrats Kaci and Ryan!)  But still managed to sneak to Disney/Epcot to see the bonsai display up last weekend and THIS weekend we got to enjoy the Bonsai Society of Florida’s Convention at the Florida Mall! There is a raffle (we won last year

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Three trees from one bush

D.J. Garcia, Gentleman & Scholar

On Monday I had breakfast with my grandma and told her about by progress with bonsai. She lives a short walk away from me and has been an avid gardener for years. Her yard has a number of current bushes with nice flowers and I realized they could make promising bonsai specimens, so I got three cutting from the best bush and she helped me pot them. If I’m lucky they will take root within a month, but they make take until the end of summer or so. Either way it should be quite a while before they are ready to become true bonsai.


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