Update on Die Oog 08-September-2012.

Hi Everyone,

Went to Die Oog yesterday and the place is looking good. There is lots of activity on the branches overhanging the water with at least 15-20 active new weaver nests. Most weavers are doing their upside down acrobatics enticing females to thier new structures. The Hadeda nest is still occupied by a nesting bird but no evidence of any chicks as yet. The cormorants are back in numbers. The YellowBill Ducks have 6 chicks swimming around and the Egyptian Geese have one. Notable by their absence were the Guinea Fowl. Other than that what is pleasing is that the water level has risen over the overflow wall which means the dam is 100% full. Water seems to be filling up the wetland below the dam wall which is really green.

Hope to give more updates soon.