A Shore Pine reworked-

Michael Hagedorn

This pine has been an enjoyable project for some years now. Shore pine is one of our Northwestern USA native conifers, tending to grow not far inland.

Last year we had a terrific hailstorm in June in my small neighborhood (the rest of the city was untouched), which dropped 1/2″ hail on my yard and stripped all the newly growing needles off many pines. The tree regrew buds, but as expected they did not open and grow new needles (like a black pine would). This spring the pine flushed with growth as normal, after being supported for two years with the same old needles.

So, a sigh of relief that this tree has regained its momentum. And yesterday we rewired it. That’s really what I meant to offer here…photos of the reworking…not the hailstorm story…

DSC_0887 My apprentice Bobby Curttright adjusting wire on the Shore Pine. This image gives some idea…

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Utah Juniper (aka “Big Sexy”)

Peter Tea Bonsai

Utah Juniper (aka “Big Sexy”)

Now that I have settled back in California, it’s time to rebuild my Bonsai collection!  For the past 6 months, I have been slowly rebuilding the Bonsai business I left behind and have worked with many terrific people.  I have study groups that have formed throughout California and even in other States!  You can say that I’m living the Bonsai dream!  I hope to play my part in helping the promotion of bonsai in the United States and get good information out there to those that want it.  My other goal is also to build a quality bonsai collection for myself and not just enjoy the final development of the trees, but the journey as well.

That brings us to the tree that you see below, known by some (mainly the collectors) as, “Big Sexy.”  There is no doubt that this tree is big, though I didn’t buy it just for the size…

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Another ficus update

Nebari Bonsai

The work shown in week’s post was done in late June. By this week, the wires were completely buried, so I took a few minutes and unwired the tree, did a little cleanup, and rewired a couple brwnches. These things grow like weeds, so I better hurry up and post this one, or we’ll get stuck talking about it for months, right?


Pruned lightly, and a couple branches wired to the right side:

The trunk shows a bit more, and some primary branching structure is becoming apparent, though I’d like to shorten and round out the profile some more…
Ok, enough of the ficus, right?

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Trimming, Repotting, and Thread Grafting (Oh, My)

Schley's Bonsai Blog


Last Sunday I went with Jason to Palm Coast where I watched him trim and re-pot several trees that were in a personal collection. If I didn’t know exactly how to re-pot a bonsai tree before Sunday then I definitely do now. I did already have a little bit of experience watching Jason work but this really hammered the entire process of repotting into my head. We will actually have a video up on YouTube later this week that shows exactly how to do it.

What I’m trying to say is that I’ve got it down. I could do it if I had to and hey, that’s cool. Look at me, learning stuff and paying attention.

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