Utah Juniper (aka “Big Sexy”)

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Utah Juniper (aka “Big Sexy”) Now that I have settled back in California, it’s time to rebuild my Bonsai collection!  For the past 6 months, I have been slowly rebuilding the Bonsai business I left behind and have worked with many terrific people.  I have study groups that have formed throughout California and even in other States!  You can say that I’m… Continue reading Utah Juniper (aka “Big Sexy”)

Trimming, Repotting, and Thread Grafting (Oh, My)

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Last Sunday I went with Jason to Palm Coast where I watched him trim and re-pot several trees that were in a personal collection. If I didn’t know exactly how to re-pot a bonsai tree before Sunday then I definitely do now. I did already have a little bit of experience watching Jason work but this really hammered… Continue reading Trimming, Repotting, and Thread Grafting (Oh, My)