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Transforming a ficus tree with (gasp!) copper wire

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So, get this, here I go and win this tree in one of those bonsai auction pages on Facebook.

It was offered up by a casual acquaintance of mine, Seth. He’s this dude I know from Palm Bay. Which is funny because the tree was grown in Palm Bay and Palm Bay’s official motto is “A perfect place to grow!” Yes, with the exclamation point and all. It’s a fun city, the most populous city in Brevard County Florida, but with the most roads in disrepair. It’s also first in strip malls that are situated miles from the endless subdivisions. Now that’s some cool demographic trivia…….

Sorry, it must be the birch beer talking, I know the above is not very interesting or inspired (never mind inspiring) writing.

You see, I got this fortune the other day… …..and I feel I’m trying too hard. To be fascinating. I even spent…

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How to Propagate a Coastal Coral Tree (Erythrina Caffra)

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I’ve been noticing over the last year that Mind Your Dirt receives a great many inquiries about the Coastal Coral tree. Two of my articles on the species gets read daily, and often several times per day. This article covers the species as a whole, and this article discusses when and how to prune erythrina caffra.

I’ve often wondered what it is about erythrina caffra that causes so many people to make their way to my humble doorstep in search of answers. The species itself is indeed a beautiful specimen tree with an amazing sweeping short and stout umbrella like canopy, both alien and breathtaking bright red flowers and powerful and very organic flowing trunk and branches. Just see for yourself, I went out hunting for photogenic specimens just for you. You’re welcome.

Coastal Coral Propagation 04_Coastal Coral Balboa Park A beautiful smaller specimen flanking the Cabrillo bridge in Balboa Park, San Diego, CA.

Coastal Coral Propagation 05_Coastal Coral Balboa Park_Trunk Detail On the opposite side of…

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