Natural Wonder – Why do trees lose their leaves?

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This is an interesting question and it all comes down to water.

Leaves are the powerhouses of plants. They convert air and water into sugars using the suns energy, a process known as  photosynthesis, which in turn feeds the plant. So if there isn’t enough water around, the leaves can’t do their function or become damaged, and so become a burden to the planet. Faced with this choice plants are then better off doing without these expensive support organs.

If this process occurs regularly, or is timed to a season, trees that lose their leave are termed deciduous.

There are actually three common situations when deciduousness occurs.

688323762-deciduousforest-snow-covered-rhineland-palatinate-stem Winter deciduous forest in North America

The first is termed winter-deciduousness and occurs in dry, cold winters. During winter, particularly in the northern hemisphere, there is low rainfall and much of the water available to the plant is frozen in the ground. Without…

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Since deciduous trees lose their leaves in the winter and their ability to perform photosynthesis, do they have to store food to stay alive?

Idaho Ask a Scientist

Question answered by Kristin Kaser, Plant Ecologist, INL ESER Program

Yes, deciduous trees must store food to stay alive in the
winter. During the spring, deciduous trees begin creating food through
photosynthesis; they are simultaneously preparing for their dormant period
where they store extra nutrients as starches in underground structures like
roots. As the growing season comes to an end, the tree responds to a shortening
of the photoperiod which triggers the plant to drop leaves. Trees become
dormant to protect themselves from freezing, as any water left inside their tissues,
such as leaves, can turn into ice.

trees are adapted to prevent ice damage. First, the chemicals triggered by the
decreasing photoperiod signals cell growth to stall. Second, the mechanics of
water movement within a tree are stopped. Tree trunks have vascular tissues
specifically designed to transport water. These tissues can have devastating
cell damage from the formation…

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Is feeding birds in the winter good or bad for the birds?

Idaho Ask a Scientist

Answered by Dr. Chuck Trost, Emeritus Professor, Idaho State University

As long as the feeders are clean, the food gives birds the
energy to survive during a stressful period.
Personally I fed birds because I like to watch them. I’ll have to admit that it does concentrate
them, and predators such as cats and hawks can prey on them. But all in all, bird feeding provides an
educational opportunity for the person feeding, as well as their children.

Bird-Feeding Concerns (from Cornell Lab of Ornithology)

Poorly maintained feeders may contribute to the spread of
infectious diseases among birds. The feeders themselves can sometimes pose
hazards too. Here are some helpful hints for successful bird feeding:

  • Avoid overcrowding at feeders by placing numerous feeders several feet apart.
  • Keep your feeding area and feeders clean.
  • Keep food and food-storage containers dry and free of mold and fungus.
  • Check your feeders for sharp…

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Winter Demands Seasonal Tree Attention


The day after Thanksgiving here and taking time do some house keeping and preparation. The tree benches all need rearranged for winter. Trees going dormant move down and trees needing continued winter sun and cold hardy move up. I always do this in stages.

Rearranging trees for sun and cold hardy protection in process. Dormant trees move down and trees needing more protection go closer to the ground.

Pulled trees before the rain starts for re-potting. These candidates will be given new pots or new orientations based on critiques. They will be carefully watched throughout the winter and protected from freezing temperatures.

Candidates for re-potting pulled out of the rain.

Since our temperatures last night went down to 34 degrees, people have asked about the tropical trees. They began their season dance of in and out movement. In for the cold night. The rest of the week, the evening temperatures…

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