Bonsai 30 The Day

Munster Bonsai Club

16/18 of September 2016 our’s mentors club has celebrated they 30 anniversary. The NIBS has put a lots of effort to put together the best bonsai show in Ireland ( Norther Ireland and Republic of Ireland). Big applause lads. All of you worked very hard to make the top class exhibition, and let us celebrate your’s day together. It was a huge pleasure to be a part of the day and be able to put some of ours members trees on display. Thank you for invitation. I hope we will able to pay back in the future. Here we have some of my pictures from the day.

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Biggun’ Schefflera in some concrete shoes

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

I tell you what, sometimes I live an interesting life. One time, when I was still in the Durable Medical Equipment field, fixing wheelchairs and such, I once removed a bougie for a guy, a big bougie, actually, which he let me keep, and still charged him for an inner tube and labor for fixing his wheelchair.It was my first Epcot tree.I know, I know, but the guy really saw me doing him a favor for getting rid of an unwanted plant than giving me a valuable bonsai.

But this isn’t a post about that bougie.

I have this client down in the Palm Beaches (I used to think there was only “West Palm Beach” but if one thinks about that, the “west” part tends to denote that there might be an east or north Palm Beach. But there’s no East Palm Beach, there is a South Palm…

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Red pine update

Nichigo Bonsai

This post is about another red pine I worked for a good friend. It’s a tree i had previously styled a year ago that was in need of some further work. The previous work was documented HERE.

IMG_3055 This was where I left off last time I worked the tree. 

The tree it was ready for a re-pot and I was therefore presented with the opportunity to re-think the front. I decided to stand the tree up slightly and work the foliage around this new angle.

img_6176a Post styling.

The photo that is missing between the two above photos is that of a tree that had grown very well and had turned into a solid foliage mass. Unfortunately i forgot to get a before pic.

The styling this time around removed a number of branches to re-introduce a sense of openness and lightness into the canopy while the new  planting angle introduces…

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Check out the first full length Adamaskwhy YouTube video

Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog

Get ready to be amazed! (or severely disappointed, or, for my enemies, even annoyed)

For behold, we have waiting below, just a click away, the very first, full color, full length, walking, talking, and accompanied by music, YouTube video from The Nook!

Please Like and Share it (if you like it, that is, I’d understand if you don’t) and make sure you Subscribe.

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2 Shohin Chojubai Quince, seasonal maintenance

Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai

I found the time, this week to carry out the seasonal work on my 2 shohin chojubai quince. This species responds better to having the root work done late in the season rather than in the spring. I am doing this work a few weeks later than I did it last year but with the mild weather we have been having and the protection of the greenhouse it should be OK.


This is how the first one looked when in flower in the Spring of last year.


Last Autumn, the roots were reduced a little and it was replanted in this green ceramic pot. It didn’t put on much new growth this season and I suspect that it was because the pot was too small to allow much new root development.


This is how it looks at the moment with the roots reduced a little more, replanted in a slightly…

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