September Challenge

Originally posted on Hermanus Bird Club:
We are running a challenge which will last for the month of September. Participants must identify (by sight or, of you have previously seen the bird, by sound) within the area depicted on the map below. Send your answers on the attached spreadsheet by the 2nd October. You will need to insert your name on the spreadsheet and also… Continue reading September Challenge

Online Bird Appreciation Events

Originally posted on Hermanus Bird Club:
Anton Odendal has asked that we publicise the following; # Monday 31 August at 19h00: Andre Botha will highlight latest research and conservation trends regarding our vultures as part of International Vulture Awareness Day to be celebrated on 5 September. Andre is very well positioned to inform us on the latest news on vulture conservation. He is Programme Manager:… Continue reading Online Bird Appreciation Events

Willow Flycatcher

Originally posted on Feathered Focus:
Hey guys, welcome back. Flycatchers. They’re a source of frustration amongst birders. To some, sparrows all look the same and warblers can become confusing in fall, but even they all have visual clues that can help. And while many flycatchers can be ID’d by sight, there’s still just as many that typically can’t. In those cases, you need to rely… Continue reading Willow Flycatcher