New Bird Photographed – Least Tern

Local Exploration

Least Terns Least Terns

Once I saw my 200th species of bird, the flood gates just opened up.  While in Rhode Island in May, I got my first glimpse of least terns.  They were pretty far away at Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge, but I got much better looks in Connecticut, specifically at Long Beach in Stratford.

While walking the beach, a few of them would land on the shore line here and there, so I just hunkered down and waited for a chance.  My patience was rewarded too, with one of the terns landing very close while I was sitting on the sand:

Least Tern Least Tern

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New Bird Photographed – Semipalmated Plover


Local Exploration

Semipalmated Plover Semipalmated Plovers

The quest for new shorebirds continued on the Connecticut coast in May.

I don’t know if we just picked the right shore spots to go on our single day visit to Connecticut or if it is always this bountiful, but new wildlife kept popping up everywhere.

Case in point, while walking along the coast, I ran into 5 semipalmated plovers.  They were surprisingly curious of me as I sat and watched them, and as they inched closer and walked passed, I took some really nice shots.  Here’s just a few of them:

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Day of Yikes: Grafted Rocky Mountain Juniper Styling

michael hagedorn

I suppose that title needs a bit of explaining. About 4 1/2 years ago I grafted this Rocky Mountain Juniper (collected by Randy Knight) with some curious shimpaku foliage that I took a shine to. The shimpaku foliage was a bit coarser than we see normally, and I thought it would look good on a tree with a rugged, expressive character.

So that’s the backdrop for the Day of Yikes…

When a tree is grafted with an entirely different foliage type, some day, eventually, the original foliage needs to be cut off. Although with a bit of practice there’s little worry, really, it is still a bit exciting to finally (after years of waiting) yell out ‘Yikes!’ as you make that final pruning cut.

The tree did fine.

And this summer Bobby rewired it for the second time. The following is a series of photos from the last two years…

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