Its Spring Again

Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai

When the vibrant colours of the new Spring growth begin to appear, its definitely my favourite time of year. Here are some pictures of the trees that have sprung into life first.

This shohin Yew has new buds everywhere, much earlier than previous years


My Acer Shishigashira is always the first of my maples to leaf out


Larches always look their best at this time


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Strandfontein Outing

Hermanus Bird Club

A visit to Strandfontein offers members the chance to see some rare birds, as a number of them have recently been recorded at this famous locality.  Those wishing to attend should meet at the Onrus Trading Post at 7 am next Thursday (the 6th April) to consolidate transport. Barbara will lead the outing and Challengers should use this opportunity to augment their lists.

Please ensure that you have sufficient food and drinks to see yourself through till around 2 pm, when we hope to be back in Hermanus.

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Large Coast Live Oak and Labor Extortion at Kimura Nursery

I was recently offered a spot in a Will Baddeley workshop. Bob informed me that some space was open and in lieu of the workshop fee I could also trade in work. I didn’t have $200, but with the onset of spring break I did have time. With a few trees that could use carving as well as an opportunity to meet more members of the bonsai community I gladly accepted. I spent the last few days working at his nursery doing anything asked of me. If I could sum up the 15 or so hours of work in one word–deweeding.


In seriousness it was good to spend some time outside and I enjoyed talking to Audrey and Bob. I will be attending the Sunday April 16th workshop and look forward to meeting those there.

20170325_145428 Great weather on the days I came

Anyhow on to the tree. Winter of 2015 I…

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