Die Oog new update November 2012

Hi Went to Die Oog yesterday. The place looks good. Was greeted at the gate by a family of egyptian Geese. 9 juveniles and the mom and dad. They were followed by 4 Helmeted guineafowl. Walking around the lake I heard cheeping of chicks. I looked zround for a nest with chiscks in the reeds by the side of the water but could not find … Continue reading Die Oog new update November 2012

Birding Big Day

Hello all. Today 24 November 2012 is this years official Birdlife SA Birding Big Day, the day allocated to support Birdlife SA in fund raising for Avian Conservation. Already so far I have seen Rock Pigeon, Common starlings, Cape Turtle dove, Laughing dove, Feral pigeons, Hartlaubs Gulls, House sparrows, Cape sparrows, Cape and Southern Masked weavers and Common waxbills galore. Most of them are congregated … Continue reading Birding Big Day

A bit of a Lark, I think Not.

In a blog titled ‘A bit of a Lark’ i read rescently the author was commenting about her twitching ability or rather her inability to twitch properly she commented about her lack of being able to decide which Lark she had photographed. Now if she had Doug Newman and Gordon Kings book Southern African LBJ’s made simple she would have found it easier to find … Continue reading A bit of a Lark, I think Not.

Fighting Attitude

Fighting Attitude. ——————– Am I responsible for the latest trend of the birds fighting each other when coming to the Feeder? Seems its the latest trend with the biggest bird being first to get seeds. The toughest fights take place between the male Southern Masked Weavers and the male Cape Weavers. Even the tiny waxbills land up fighting with the weavers even though they don’t … Continue reading Fighting Attitude