After blooming care of a Satsuki azalea, ‘Kinsai’

Originally posted on Nebari Bonsai:
The show was spectacular this year. Here are a few shots in full bloom. As the flowers begin to fade, it is time to remove them. Before they’re removed, it is important to identify shoots that produce the wider petal flowers. They can become dominant and take over the tree. The appeal of Kinsai is the thin petal flowers, so… Continue reading After blooming care of a Satsuki azalea, ‘Kinsai’

Three Azaleas—Three Techniques

Originally posted on Michael Hagedorn:
At the end of their spring blooming period, these three Satsuki azaleas needed attention. Each one came with a different puzzle. What to do? I’ll let our answers unfold in the photo essay. Enjoy! This Satsuki ‘Kinsai’ has a common geriatric problem. It hasn’t been pruned back in a long time. The whole tree is broad—well beyond its ideal canopy… Continue reading Three Azaleas—Three Techniques