Another Larch and a Potentilla Re-wired Today

Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai

This Larch, collected in 2012,  was styled and put into its current pot in March 2014. Unfortunately I never took a before picture of this one when I acquired it but the collected material needed very little effort to get it to look like it does now. It will be re-potted this year as soon as the weather will allow.

This is how it looked without wire at the start of the day


And this is how it looks at the moment


It has quite a nice nebari that is hidden by the soil at the moment. That will be sorted when it is re-potted into this Walsall Ceramics oval, in the next few weeks


This next one, a potentilla fruticosa, was dug from a friends garden about 2-3 years ago

This is how it looked shortly after I acquired it.


And this is how it looks at the moment with the…

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The Marvel of Bird Migration

Wildlife and Words

It may still feel like summer, and look like summer, but with the advent of September it is now officially autumn and we can look forward to the usual sights and smells of turning leaves and misty mornings. But for birds it has been ‘autumn’ since at least July; as those that were quick to breed (such as Swifts and Cuckoos) have no reason to stay and those that, alas, failed to breed this year head back to their wintering grounds in the south. Waders from the far north are usually the first to head back south – sometimes as early as late June, livening up the birding scene in the UK as they pit-stop along the way.

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Five years work on a Japanese Larch

Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai

I just completed the winter wiring of this Japanese Larch today. Its’ progress in just five years, from the most unpromising raw material, is a constant source of pleasure and satisfaction for me. It may not win any prizes on the show bench but it has taught me a lot about bonsai design and development and it hasn’t cost me a penny. It will take another few years to acquire the fine ramification that I would like. Here is the progress so far in pictures.

January 2017


This is the pot it will be transplanted into in Spring, a nice grey glazed oval by Walsall Ceramics


Summer 2016


Spring 2014, after pruning and wiring and re-potting

larch 1

Early 2014 before re-potting


Summer 2013 after carving the stump


Early 2013


2012 after re-pot and first styling


2012 before first styling


Original material in 2011


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