Around the Neighborhood Lake at Schwartz Park

Originally posted on Wildlifewatcher's Blog:
A pair of Egyptian Geese, a White Ibis, a Great Blue Heron and a drake Mallard Duck, were spotted today on a hot afternoon here in The Villages, Florida, on and at the shoreline of Paradise Lake at Schwartz Park.  Always fun to see the Egyptian Geese!  We have probably fifty Canada Geese on the lake so those Egyptian… Continue reading Around the Neighborhood Lake at Schwartz Park

Defoliating Two Japanese Maples

Valavanis Bonsai Blog Although defoliation is “generally” recommended as a bonsai training technique it actually requires considerable thought and it’s necessary to contemplate each specific tree and the purpose of removing foliage. Today I’ve been told that Ryan Neil and others do not recommend total defoliation of healthy maples. Unfortunately, I did not study with Ryan, whom I respect, and others. I must have skipped … Continue reading Defoliating Two Japanese Maples