Late Summer Repotting experiment

Originally posted on Nebari Bonsai:
As an experiment to test the viability of repotting in the summer, when leaves aren’t growing, and roots are, I repotted a Japanese Black Pine, and a Japanese Maple. The pine had been in that pot for a few years, and was building a good head of steam. It did not need to be repotted this year, much less in… Continue reading Late Summer Repotting experiment

Artistic line and movement in a bonsai

Originally posted on Adam's Art and Bonsai Blog:
Today’s victim is a Ficus microcarpa “crassifolia”. Common name is “green mound ficus. Some people like to call it the “pointy leaf green island” but hey, people call the little lizards that run around all over Florida “geckos” too. The tree belongs to Steve-o, from one of the Sarasota studygroups. We had yanked it off a… Continue reading Artistic line and movement in a bonsai