Wonders from the Wetlands-5

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A sequence of images showcasing the landing pattern of a flock of Lesser Flamingos at Seawoods, Navi Mumbai. Watching a flock of flamingos land is vivid display of coordination, discipline and skill. Being the large birds they are, Flamingos deploy a different strategy compared to their smaller feathered counterparts. As they approach their landing zone, the flock often takes multiple trips… Continue reading Wonders from the Wetlands-5

Feathers – Day 13 Dilemma

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? There has been a steward’s inquiry and I have been found guilty of giving you a bird with insufficient diagnostic criteria!  Hence, Bird No. 38, the Chorister Robin Chat will be extended to include the Red-Capped Robin Chat.  This will make most of you a bit happier.  I must try to ensure that future birds are better defined! … Continue reading Feathers – Day 13 Dilemma