Swallow wallowing in mud

Hi All who are interested. My newest addition to the Lakside property’s bird list is a pair of Lesser striped swallows. They landed on our balcony railing for a descent introduction and portrait session whereafter they took off for a glide and proceeded to wallow in the mud presumably to go collect building material. Seems like they too are in the baby making syndrome which has gripped the wetland around The Lakeside. Seems like the windyness is not detering the weavers in the slightest. When one nest blows away they proceed to build a new one the next day. In the last month they have build at least twelve or so nests amongst our three nearest males. Further down is another colony of at least 20-30 nests.

Thanx for listening while I enjoy a cuppa and enjoy the swallow shennanigans.
Regards, Wolfgang in Muizenberg CT.


Hello bloggies

Just testing my blogging skils on my tablet. This is a lot easier than on my mobile. Have been doing a lot of practising to take pics on my new camera. It’s so much greater than nmy Fuji camera I had.

Birding wise the weavers have been buuilding nests and mating too. I think there will soon be a lot of new weaver juvenile
s around.

Interesting addition to list

Hi Birders.

An interesting addition to my garden list here at the Lakeside, Muizenberg is a pair of Yellow-billed Ducks swimming about in the water that has formed in the reeded wetlands on the property. The last week has been a very wet week with the dried up wetlands been transformed into a very green oasis. The reeds are growing well and should be well enough to house the weaver and waxbill nests in the coming summer season again. I see they have not drifted away as I thought they would. The feeder is still a hive of activity with all the usual bird species well represented.

Great Birding from a soggy wet Cape Town.

New year. Old site.

Hi Everyone,
This is my first blog entry for the year 2013. Hope its going to be a great birding year for everyone. Have not had too much oportunity to go out birding much yet this year and the bird feeder is also only producing mostly the same old birds. I have added a birdbath and this has swelled the number of birds slightly. One evening I had at least ten diffirent bird species here at once by the birdbath and feeder. 3 Dove species, common and red-winged Starlings, House sparrows, masked weavers, common waxbill, cape bulbul and a lone cape wagtail all enjoying a meal and drink at once.

On one morning last week on an early morning stroll I saw that the Greater Flamingoes have made zandvlei estuary their temporary home. Also hear that there are a larger group wading at strandfontein sewrage works. Also seen on my stroll were two Goliath herons on the reedy verge of the vlei as well as a pair of Blacksmith Lapwings. There were also a lot of common terns flying about. Another sight was dozens of swallows flying low over the water and some even skimming the water probably drinking water.

Enjoy your birding in 2013.

Rambling on

Hi again.

Haven’t been here for awhile. Not that I have forgotten about blogging but just havent been out birding for awhile. Just wanna let you know the bird feeder is still up but its been so windy the birds have been blown of their perches a couple of times. Newest additions have been a pair of House sparrow juveniles. They come with the adults and are fed from feeder directly into the mouth of the juvenile, no more adults fetching the food. See the White-rumped Swifts are out in force over the swampy reed patch this morning too. Other notables of the morning have been the Hadeda’s, Pied Crows, Rock Pigeons and now even a Cape weaver too. No sign of the waxbills at the feeder tho they flitting about over the reed beds, and here comes the sparrow family again. And one waxbill made an appearance too.

Enjoy your birding in the New Year.