Beginner bonsai tree selection

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To say I’ve been thinking for a long time about what the best tree for a beginner is, is an understatement. Then, some recent comments on one of my posts prompted me into some research and, now, full of myself, I will boldly give you my “oh peen yon”. I hope I don’t annoy anyone. Actually, I don’t, but I probably will, so, sorry, dudes.
Here’s a rudimentary list.
1. Juniper
2. Elm
3. Ficus
4. Serissa tree
6. schefflera
7. Fukien tea
I did some surfing on the web and picked the most common.
So, there could be more (like podocarpus, but that’s an unusual one ) but we will stick with these I thinketh.
Let’s weed out some.
I don’t think many would object to removing the money tree (#5) from the list. It is common on websites selling beginner trees. But I would combine them (along…

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