Trident Maple Cuttings

Originally posted on Bonsai Workshop:
During the last TBS meeting, there was a pruning demonstration of Karen’s Trident Maple. Karen was kind enough to share with me her pruned off cuttings. That night, I took the cuttings home and quickly potted them in. I have kept the cuttings inside my orchid fish tank since then. The most important factor for survival of cuttings is the… Continue reading Trident Maple Cuttings

Shade Cloth: Not Just for Sun

Originally posted on Michael Hagedorn:
We’ve talked before about shade cloth and its utility in protecting bonsai during hot summer weather. There’s one other protective measure that it provides, though… Hail. Hail of various sizes tends to start falling in the spring. Some is so small it was called ‘sleet’ where I grew up, diminutive ice balls around the size of sesame seeds, which cause no… Continue reading Shade Cloth: Not Just for Sun