Making It Happen

BONSAIKO In several of my previous posts I have been using bonsai as a metaphor for life and as a life teacher.   I’m going out of a limb and making it an announcement,  I’m currently in the process of publishing a book that discuss the potential power of bonsai to help us with life.  By coming out with claim I want to expect  me to make it happen.  A very bold statement and … Continue reading Making It Happen

Larch Update (Larix Kaempferi)

Originally posted on futterwithtrees:
This large Japanese larch, standing about 70 cm has progressed and developed very well over the last few years and I am well pleased with the overall image. I haven’t fed this year as yet apart from an occasional liquid feed in order to keep needle length and extension growth under control. I intend to start feeding heavily again in a… Continue reading Larch Update (Larix Kaempferi)