Making It Happen


cascadehemlockIn several of my previous posts I have been using bonsai as a metaphor for life and as a life teacher.   I’m going out of a limb and making it an announcement,  I’m currently in the process of publishing a book that discuss the potential power of bonsai to help us with life.  By coming out with claim I want to expect  me to make it happen.  A very bold statement and a very daunting task but this weekend I’m talking to my publisher to work out the details.  There’s an opportunity for me to get your help and include your input on this.  We will be discussing book titles and I’m currently tossing around several ideas right now.  Would love to get your input on what title would seem to be interesting or  what would  want you to pick up a book.   For the first 10 folks that respond to the title idea, I will be giving a…

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Larch Update (Larix Kaempferi)


This large Japanese larch, standing about 70 cm has progressed and developed very well over the last few years and I am well pleased with the overall image. I haven’t fed this year as yet apart from an occasional liquid feed in order to keep needle length and extension growth under control. I intend to start feeding heavily again in a week or so as the tree still needs more ramification.

This is the tree today and also when it was re-potted in 2015

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