Scots Pine Progress (Pinus Sylvestris)bonsai


This large Scots Pine, originally dug up from MOD scrub land in Surrey about 1995 is doing well. Having had some indecision about the front and the curve in the trunk about five years ago I finally settled for the current front and trunk about three years ago with the help and advice of Robert Porch I have fed heavily for the last few seasons with some success.

This is the tree 5 years ago Here

The following link shows the tree as it was 2 years ago. Here

This is the tree today after re-potting to a different but not final pot this year:

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#yamadori #pinussylvestris is looking great this year. All the long needles have been reduced down to same size throughout. There is an abundance of buds on this tree having gone through it at the end of the year needle pruning. Wiring then end of this year?? 🤔 #bonsai #bonsaiwales #stonemonkeyceramics #bonsaipot #sylvestris

The ‘Flock at Sea’ – Birding in the Southern Ocean


Birdlife South Africa (BLSA) certainly pulled off a major coup with the 2017 Flock at Sea. Around 1950 lucky birders took part in what must have been the most spectacular birding event ever held in the Southern African region. We had four nights at sea and three full days of birding, ending this morning when we returned to Cape Town and docked at 7:00 am.

Map Our approximate route

Our vessel was the MSC ‘Sinfonia’ and, because there were sufficient birders on board, BLSA had control over where we went.  This enabled us to seek out ocean eddies and up-welling currents (not that we always found them) and, thereby, find good concentrations of foraging seabirds.  For me it was really exciting as I managed to see a total of 25 seabirds, 12 of which were lifers!  The bird of the cruise was undoubtedly the Light-mantled Albatross, previously only seen by 2…

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8th World Bonsai Convention In Saitama City, Japan– Part 1

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6P4A1532The 8th World Bonsai Convention is taking place on April 27-30, 2017 in Saitama City, Japan. Held every four years, the inaugural World Bonsai Convention was held in 1989 in the same city, Omiya (city name was changed.) There are 1,200 people registered from 40 foreign countries and it is expected that there will be 20,000 visitors during the four day event. I think most came yesterday because it was extremely difficult to see and photograph much. The event is being held in the huge Saitama Super Arena.



Personally, this exhibition is truly a sensory overload for me! I’ve seen numerous bonsai exhibition and a countless number of bonsai during my 55 year study of bonsai in North & South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. Never, have I seen the quality and number of excellent bonsai in one location. This exhibition is far superior to a combination of…

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