SAMA 23 List of Entries Revealed

Guy-Gal Conner

The South African Music Awards (SAMA’s) is delighted to announce that the number of entries for this year’s ceremony has increased substantially in comparison to last year. We received over 700 entries, while in 2016 the number stood at about 470.

The overwhelming response is indicative of a burgeoning music industry and is a vote of confidence in the most prestigious music award ceremony in the land.
In our pursuit of transparency and openness, the office of the SAMA’s has resolved to share all the names of the entrants with the public.

The music industry submitted entries over a three-month period starting from 01 November 2016 until 31 January 2017. After a stringent vetting process that involved officials from the Recording Industry of South Africa (RiSA) and record company representatives, these potential nominees have been handed over to panels of independent experts drawn from radio, TV, newspapers, blogs and the…

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The lastest day trips into nature… 

Gone Birding

Well it has definitely been a while since I last updated my blog, so here goes…..
I’ve done a few one day trips here and there and most recently long weekend trip out to Kruger National Park.

We’ve had some nice birds, butterflies and moths in the garden lately starting with an unusual visit from the Southern Boubou who seems to be hanging around the area quite a bit. We’ve also had the alien Rose-ringed Parakeets frequenting the area more and more and even landing in nearby tree’s for a rest. In previous months and years they have only ever flown over the house enroute to and from their roosts. The species seems to be becoming more invasive as the years go by.

(L) Southern Boubou. (Top) African Hoopoe. (Bottom) Cream Striped Owl Moth
Its amazing what little creatures you can find in the garden when you go looking for…

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Easter weekend in the Kruger National Park 

Gone Birding

After a long drive on the N4 from Joburg through heavy rain, we finally dropped down into the Lowveld and were welcomed by blue skies and a noticeable temperature increase. We arrived at the bridge overthe Crocodile River heading to Malelane gate and instantly I took in a deep breath because this is the place where I feel most at peace and where I can simply relax and breath!

Hyaena tracks, Fever Tea Bush, Giant Land Snail, Exploring on foot, Horn Moth larva feeding on the keratin in the buffalo horns (Top) Bush bud Easter bunnies, Fish Eagle, Puff Adder. (Middle row) White-browned Scrub-Robin, Woolly-necked Stork, Russet Bushwillow Seed Pods. (Bottom row) Three-banded Plover, Saw-tooth Lovegrass seeds, Striated Heron.
We did a quick trip into the park for an hour before the gates closed and got 2 of the Big 5, rhino and ellies. In the dry river bed a…

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Refining the stump on my big Larch

Robert Nocher Shohin Bonsai

Today I took the time to re-work the stump of my large larch bonsai. Regular readers will be aware that this tree was chopped back from a much larger one in March 2015. At that time I did some basic carving on the large cut with a view to returning to it at a later date.


The original chop was at the back of the tree and not visible from the front. For that reason it can not be considered as an important element in the new look of the tree but it is important that it should look as natural as possible. This is how it looked after the initial work in 201538

This is how it looked prior to todays’ work and after 2 seasons of weathering.


This is how it looks at the moment after a little more refinement today.


This picture shows that the chop is…

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