Pacific Bonsai Museum Native Exhibit

Originally posted on northwestphotos:
I attended the opening celebration of the new “Native” exhibit at the Pacific Bonsai Museum, in Federal Way, Washington. This is an exhibit I was anxiously anticipating. Even the rain showers didn’t keep me away! The pairing of the the artwork of Swiss artist Iuna Tinta alongside the bonsai exhibits works so effectively. The brush style and colors incorporated in the… Continue reading Pacific Bonsai Museum Native Exhibit

Juniper Project Phase 2 Cont’d.

Originally posted on Michael Coopers Studio:
Now left to my own devices without Taunton and Somerset Bonsai Club mate Adrian to give me advice I  carried on tidying the tree up,removing hundreds of dead needles one by one,dead and small damaged branches. Juniper as discovered Then I started started preliminary wiring and trying to get straight in my mind what I was doing, or at… Continue reading Juniper Project Phase 2 Cont’d.