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Game of Firsts

Cape Sable Birding

You can tell that we are in something of a weather dictated birding slump when a blog post like this appears!

I know that I am unusual, no, we birders are all unusual in that when not out looking at birds we are thinking about them, reading about them, researching them. It is probably a syndrome of some sort but abnormal people, that would be all the others who are not birders, suffer equally with their own little quirks and so there is no need to worry. In very much the same way that Pythons, when gathered, will perform the Parrot Sketch then birders, when gathered – even only electronically, will take part in the Game of Firsts.

The rules are quite simple, make an educated guess as to what the next new species to be added to the Provincial bird list will be. You do need to know what…

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